Pros and cons of electronic cigarettes

Although electronic cigarettes are a big hit on the market and among the most popular methods of quitting smoking, there have been many debates about the health risks of this method. There are many things electronic cigarettes manufacturers won’t tell you that reveal that this method isn’t as safe and risk free as it might seem, so we thought it would be a good idea to reveal some of the downsides of using this product that could help you decide whether it’s worthy of your time or not. Here’s some of the biggest pros and cons of electronic cigarettes in a nutshell to help you learn all there is to know about the effectiveness of this methods.


No (second hand) smoke

This is probably the number one reason people go for electronic cigarettes instead of the real ones. Even hardcore smokers hate the fact that their clothes, hair and hands start smelling of tobacco, not to even get started on the smoke getting in the curtains and walls with the scent that is hard to get out. But the more important thing is that since e cigarettes produce no smoke at all, there is also no second hand smoke. Now you can enjoy a cigarette in front of your children, friends or coworkers without anyone complaining about all the smoke getting in their eyes.

Less toxic than the real thing

Even though the effects of electronic cigarettes consuming haven’t been yet fully tested scientifically, there is no doubt that a regular cigarette is packed with toxic chemicals. The list is too long to count, nicotine being one of the least dangerous among them. So, even if you’re smoking the kind of electronic cigarettes that do have a mid or high level of nicotine in them, you’re avoiding the toxic fumes you would be otherwise inhaling, so the electronic alternative presents a healthier one.



Although in the long run electronic cigarettes are cheaper than regular ones, the initial purchase is a bit pricey. The starter kit requires the cigarette and a charger, and keeping in mind that one cartridge contains enough liquid for about 40 cigarettes, you will need to invest in those too. The starter pack could cost you somewhere between $40 and $100, depending on the brand, so it is a bit of an investment.

Banned in some countries

While most countries still don’t have regulations concerning electronic cigarettes and whether they fall in the same category as regular ones, some countries have banned them or at least made them in the same group as real nicotine cigarettes. If you try to smoke these in countries like Canada, Australia or Mexico, you might be unpleasantly surprised when you find out that they’re treated the same as the real thing and that you aren’t allowed to use them in non smoking areas. If that’s the main reason you want to switch to electronic cigarettes, check your country’s regulations considering this alternative first.