Downsides of electronic cigarettes

You might be hearing and reading positive comments from people who quit smoking using electronic cigarettes, but they always seem to forget to mention that this method isn’t 100% risk free and that it includes some serious downsides. On the other hand, if you’re a heavy smoker, these risks are nothing compared to two packs of cigarettes you smoke every day, so it’s still worth giving a shot. We’re just trying to be as objective as possible and show you a different side of electronic cigarettes, something we think everyone should take into account before deciding to start using them. Here’s a list of some of the less known facts about electronic cigarettes that you don’t hear much about…

No second hand smoke? Not really…

Although the fact is that electronic cigarettes don’t produce any smoke because they create a vapor that ends up in your lungs, this isn’t all 100% true. A small amount of liquid inside the e cigarette that gets vaporized ends up not inside you, but spread in the air, thus creating a second hand vapor. This is really hard to notice since there is no cloud of smoke around you, but there are some potentially dangerous chemicals inside the vapor that might present a health hazard. What works in favor of electronic cigarettes is that no scientific study has yet proved that second hand vapor can endanger a person’s health, but there have been claims of toxic chemicals found in some brands’ liquid that could be linked to various illnesses including cancer. Until further research, it is still unclear whether second hand vapor should be considered as dangerous as second hand smoke.

Not the most affordable option

If you decide to switch from regular to electronic cigarettes, it will cost you. The most affordable starter packs cost around $40 while the more expensive ones go up to several hundred, depending on the number of cigarettes and cartridges. One cartridge contains an amount of liquid equal to roughly two packs of regular cigarettes, so keep in mind that you will have to buy new cartridges constantly. On the plus side, you won’t have to buy lighters or matches because all electronic cigarettes are battery operated or charged via USB port.

Potentially health hazardous

The biggest downside of electronic cigarettes is that it turns out they aren’t exactly risk free. There have been several scientific studies conducted that included several electronic cigarettes brands, which showed that not only sometimes the nicotine levels indicated on the cigarettes were much higher, but there were also some toxic chemicals in the cigarettes’ liquid. Even though a direct link hasn’t been found, some of these chemicals are known to cause cancer and various health problems. Still, these are all claims since the research was limited to only a couple of electronic cigarettes manufacturers, so the risks vary from brand to brand. Compared to regular cigarettes and the amount of dangerous toxins they contain, the e-cigs are still a better option.