Electronic Cigarettes

Pros and cons of electronic cigarettes

Although electronic cigarettes are a big hit on the market and among the most popular methods of quitting smoking, there have been many debates about the health risks of this method. There are many things electronic cigarettes manufacturers won’t tell you that reveal that this method isn’t as safe and risk free as it might seem, so we thought it would be a good idea to reveal some of the downsides of using this product that could help you decide whether it’s worthy of your time or not. Here’s some of the biggest pros and cons of electronic cigarettes in a nutshell to help you learn all there is to know about the effectiveness of this methods.


No (second hand) smoke

This is probably the number one reason people go for electronic cigarettes instead of the real ones. Even hardcore smokers hate the fact that their clothes, hair and hands start smelling of tobacco, not to even get started on the smoke getting in the curtains and walls with the scent that is hard to get out. But the more important thing is that since e cigarettes produce no smoke at all, there is also no second hand smoke. Now you can enjoy a cigarette in front of your children, friends or coworkers without anyone complaining about all the smoke getting in their eyes.

Less toxic than the real thing

Even though the effects of electronic cigarettes consuming haven’t been yet fully tested scientifically, there is no doubt that a regular cigarette is packed with toxic chemicals. The list is too long to count, nicotine being one of the least dangerous among them. So, even if you’re smoking the kind of electronic cigarettes that do have a mid or high level of nicotine in them, you’re avoiding the toxic fumes you would be otherwise inhaling, so the electronic alternative presents a healthier one.



Although in the long run electronic cigarettes are cheaper than regular ones, the initial purchase is a bit pricey. The starter kit requires the cigarette and a charger, and keeping in mind that one cartridge contains enough liquid for about 40 cigarettes, you will need to invest in those too. The starter pack could cost you somewhere between $40 and $100, depending on the brand, so it is a bit of an investment.

Banned in some countries

While most countries still don’t have regulations concerning electronic cigarettes and whether they fall in the same category as regular ones, some countries have banned them or at least made them in the same group as real nicotine cigarettes. If you try to smoke these in countries like Canada, Australia or Mexico, you might be unpleasantly surprised when you find out that they’re treated the same as the real thing and that you aren’t allowed to use them in non smoking areas. If that’s the main reason you want to switch to electronic cigarettes, check your country’s regulations considering this alternative first.

Downsides of electronic cigarettes

You might be hearing and reading positive comments from people who quit smoking using electronic cigarettes, but they always seem to forget to mention that this method isn’t 100% risk free and that it includes some serious downsides. On the other hand, if you’re a heavy smoker, these risks are nothing compared to two packs of cigarettes you smoke every day, so it’s still worth giving a shot. We’re just trying to be as objective as possible and show you a different side of electronic cigarettes, something we think everyone should take into account before deciding to start using them. Here’s a list of some of the less known facts about electronic cigarettes that you don’t hear much about…

No second hand smoke? Not really…

Although the fact is that electronic cigarettes don’t produce any smoke because they create a vapor that ends up in your lungs, this isn’t all 100% true. A small amount of liquid inside the e cigarette that gets vaporized ends up not inside you, but spread in the air, thus creating a second hand vapor. This is really hard to notice since there is no cloud of smoke around you, but there are some potentially dangerous chemicals inside the vapor that might present a health hazard. What works in favor of electronic cigarettes is that no scientific study has yet proved that second hand vapor can endanger a person’s health, but there have been claims of toxic chemicals found in some brands’ liquid that could be linked to various illnesses including cancer. Until further research, it is still unclear whether second hand vapor should be considered as dangerous as second hand smoke.

Not the most affordable option

If you decide to switch from regular to electronic cigarettes, it will cost you. The most affordable starter packs cost around $40 while the more expensive ones go up to several hundred, depending on the number of cigarettes and cartridges. One cartridge contains an amount of liquid equal to roughly two packs of regular cigarettes, so keep in mind that you will have to buy new cartridges constantly. On the plus side, you won’t have to buy lighters or matches because all electronic cigarettes are battery operated or charged via USB port.

Potentially health hazardous

The biggest downside of electronic cigarettes is that it turns out they aren’t exactly risk free. There have been several scientific studies conducted that included several electronic cigarettes brands, which showed that not only sometimes the nicotine levels indicated on the cigarettes were much higher, but there were also some toxic chemicals in the cigarettes’ liquid. Even though a direct link hasn’t been found, some of these chemicals are known to cause cancer and various health problems. Still, these are all claims since the research was limited to only a couple of electronic cigarettes manufacturers, so the risks vary from brand to brand. Compared to regular cigarettes and the amount of dangerous toxins they contain, the e-cigs are still a better option.

Quitting smoking with electronic cigarettes

Nicotine addiction is the strongest kind of substance addiction of all them all, stronger even than heroin addiction. It’s no wonder millions of smokers all over the globe are struggling to break the habit when it’s hard to escape the grip of addiction once you start smoking, and it gets harder with years. If you belong to the group of smokers who haven’t given up on the idea of quitting one day, you might find the electronic cigarettes an interesting method of quitting. Even if you’re not ready to make the final step and say goodbye to nicotine forever, there are electronic cigarettes brands with nicotine that still represent a healthier alternative to the real thing. Here’s some of the pros of electronic cigarettes that explain why these are better than regular cigarettes.

It feels like the real thing

If this is not the first time you’ve tried to quit, it’s most likely that you’ve tried some of the other methods that include nicotine patches or food supplements that are supposed to suppress your desire to smoke. We’re not getting into the question whether these could actually help or not, but there’s one huge advantage that electronic cigarettes have over other methods. Using them is the next best thing you can get without actually  smoking a cigarette. They’re designed to match the size and shape of a real cigarette, and when you inhale, you’ll get a scented vapor that consists of chemicals chosen to match the taste and effect of cigarette smoke, just without the toxic ingredients. This way you’re getting the best out of smoking, but in a more healthy way, and if you’re one of the people who light up a cigarette just because they don’t know what to do with their hands, electronic cigarettes are a perfect choice for you.

No more clothes smelling of smoke

Here’s another good reason to switch to electronic cigarettes – you’ll never get home with your clothes reeking of tobacco smoke! The e-cigarettes work on a principle of heating a special liquid to a point of vaporizing, so there isn’t anything actually burning. Thanks to this, there is no more annoying smoke that bothers even the heavy smokers. With the lack of smoke comes a whole range of benefits – no more yellow teeth and fingertips, for example. If you were forbidden to smoke inside someone’s home you can finally relax and chat with them while smoking an electronic cigarette, because there will be no smell bothering your host. Not to mention that there is no more second hand smoke, which is one of the things non smokers were probably bothering you about the most.

They’re lighter to carry around

Since you don’t need to actually light up an electronic cigarette because it has its own power source, you don’t have to carry a lighter or matches, so there will be no more potentially awkward situations of bumming a light. Also, one e-cigarette cartridge is the equivalent of two packs of regular cigarettes, so if you’re going on a trip you’ll be saving a lot of space.

V2 Cigs – the premiere electronic cigarette brand

In this review, we would like to look at one of the most popular brands of electronic cigarettes on the market at the moment – V2 Cigs. We have been smoking these for a couple of weeks now and the results are more than satisfying. In short, we have found that V2 Cigs are, quite simply put, the best electronic cigarettes that the money can buy nowadays. In the remainder of the text, you will hear everything about why we believe the V2 Cigs to be the premiere brand on the market.


The first thing we always look in our electronic cigarettes is the quality of make. There are tons of brands out there whose cartridges do not fit well and that let some of the vapor out when you inhale. There are also brands whose e-cigs need to be recharged every couple of hours. When V2 Cigs are in question, there is nothing that you could find wrong with the make and the craftsmanship. It seems that the people from V2 really know what they are doing and how to make a high-quality electronic cigarette.


We then looked at their starter kits and what kinds of offers they have on their cigarettes. Once again, we were knocked off our feet with the number of choices and the prices which are more than reasonable. There are all kinds of starter kits available, from the very basic one with a single cartridge and battery to the V2 couples kit to the V2 ultimate kit. They even have a kit aimed at couples who wish to give their e-cigs a try, which is a nice touch, we believe.


We were also stunned by the choice of flavors that you get with V2 Cigs. For a start, their choice of pure tobacco flavors is one of the best out there, especially when you have a taste of them. They have ten different tobacco flavors, such as Congress, V2 Red, Sahara and the V2 menthol. In addition to these, they offer three different limited edition flavors: Cinnamon, Grape, Chocolate, as well as some classics like vanilla and V2 Cola, as well as coffee and cherry flavors. All in all, whatever your flavor of choice might be, V2 Cigs have it.


In addition to all that we have mentioned, we would also like to add that V2 Cigs brand offers a number of accessories that are going to make your smoking experience a more enjoyable, as well as a money back guarantee if you think there is something that you are not satisfied with and much more. The customer service is simply top notch and there is really nothing wrong that we could find with V2 Cigs. A clear winner, no matter how you put it.


A quick and honest comparison of the top e-cig brands

We would like to give the readers of Electronic Cigarettes Page a brief overview of two of the most incredible electronic cigarette brands on the market at the moment – the V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture as well as a website that you will do well to remember – eCigs, which is a store that operates only online and which gives you the chance to find all your favorite brands of e-cigs in one place, enabling you to check out their varied offers and to see what is best for your electronic cigarette experience.

V2 Cigs – simply the best

We did not wish to quote Tina Turner this explicitly, but we simply had no other choice. V2 Cigs is just the most incredible and perfect brand of electronic cigarettes that you can buy these days. These electronic cigarettes are the latest in the field, with the most advanced technology, the most incredible flavors and with options that will allow you to modify your e-cigs experience to the dot.

If you are not sure which e-cigs brand to go for, then V2 Cigs is a perfect choice and the only smart choice. Do not waste your time with anything else. It is a sure shot and the leading brand of electronic cigarettes out there.

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A perfect choice for a lady – Vapor Couture

Vapor Couture is a very unique brand of electronic cigarettes and there are a number of reasons for this. First of all, it needs to be pointed out that Vapor Couture e-cigs are meant for ladies and that the styling and the design of these cigarettes is very clear on this.

In addition to this, Vapor Couture has gone out of their way to make sure that you lack nothing and that you get the e-cigs experience that you deserve. IF you were worried that they are all show and no go, then you are very much mistaken. The incredibly beautiful and attractive design is just a cherry on top.

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eCigs – place for all your electronic cigarette needs

eCigs is a very special website that we had to share with you and whose only intention is to provide the general public with a place where they can take care of all their needs associated with electronic cigarettes, where they can do it simply and without any hassle and where they can do it without having to pay anything extra. No matter what you are looking for and what your budget is, eCigs has an offer that you will not be able to refuse.

Check out the website right HERE!

And here we are, with two electronic cigarette brands that you simply need to be aware of and with a website where these brands (and some others) can be found and ordered at reasonable prices. We believe that your experience with e-cigs can only be enhanced by checking this article and we are sure that the time you spent reading it will not be time wasted. Good luck and keep your smoking habits electronic.

Vapor Couture – a lady’s choice

When you review and check out as many brands of electronic cigarettes as we do, sometimes it can get boring. There are tons of middle of the road brands that are pretty much the same, with only a few brands that stand out. This is especially true when design is in question as well as the “feel” that you get from your e-cigs. Not even to mention some sort of an inventive idea. Which is why we fell in love with Vapor Couture, or at least the female part of the Electronic Cigarettes Page. Namely, Vapor Couture is an e-cig brand aimed at the ladies and ladies only, which is a great idea and a very nice touch.


You can feel that Vapor Couture is special from the moment you log on to their website. From the get go, you get the feeling of pure class and elegance that no other brand offers on their website. The same goes for the design of their electronic cigarettes, both when it comes to batteries and the cartridges, both of which come in four distinct styles which are all very feminine and very pleasing to the eye, to say the least. It can safely be said that Vapor Couture e-cigs are beautiful, which is not something you can say for other e-cigs.


However, the people from Vapor Couture didn’t leave it just at that. They wanted to ensure that their cigarettes are also of the highest possible quality and they have made it. Their cartridges and their batteries are all of the highest possible quality, as are all of their accessories and everything else that is associated with their cigarettes. For instance, their glowing tips are colored crystals which look just stunning and give you a distinct feel when you inhale.


When it comes to starter kits and flavors, the people from Vapor Couture have made it once again. For one, they offer all kinds of starter kits that will cater to pretty much everyone out there and the best thing is that you can customize these kits, making sure that they fit your style. The flavors are simply extraordinary and they all have inventive and cool names such as Bomb Shell (Turkish tobacco), Rodeo Drive (All-American tobacco), Fresh Min, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Champagne and Arctic Mint, which all tell the entire story by themselves.


When you combine the unique approach of Vapor Couture, its inimitable style and the overall approach that is very inventive with the high quality of make and all the technical issues that you might be worried about when choosing an e-cig, it becomes clear that there is only one clear choice for ladies who wish to switch to e-cigs and that is Vapor Couture. Men really have something to envy and we can be more than glad that this is the case.


Place to get your electronic cigarettes – eCigs

There are a number of ways in which you can go about buying your electronic cigarettes. For instance, you can drive to your local mall and see if there is a shop there that sells these. You will be paying significantly more if you do this, especially in the long run. Or, you can check out the official websites of various brands and get their products there. However, this can get tiring as you have to check out dozens of various websites all of them cluttered with stuff that you do not wish to tire yourself with. Or, you go to a website like eCigs and see what is on offer there.


eCigs is a specialized web store that deals in electronic cigarettes of various manufacturers and it is a great place to start your electronic cigarettes experience at. In fact, as we have found out in the few weeks that we have been using it and trying it out, eCigs is actually great enough to take care of all your electronic cigarette needs at. It is streamlined, it is easy to get round at and it is great fun to see what there is for you to try out.


One thing that we really enjoyed at eCigs is how easy it is to navigate and to find exactly what you are looking for. For example, you can simply go for a certain brand and check out all of their products, their electronic cigarettes, accessories, starter kits, batteries, cartridges, everything. Or, you can browse the website by the products that you are looking for. For example, you can check out all the starter kits from all the brands that are on eCigs and you can compare them, which is definitely more convenient and comfortable than checking out their separate official websites.


At the moment, there are three brands of electronic cigarettes that you can get at eCigs. There is the V2 Cigs brand, the leading brand in the world at the moment. There is also Vantage Vapor, a perfect alternative for people who want to save a bit of money and there is the Vapor Couture brand, the hottest new brands of electronic cigarettes aimed exclusively at the ladies, with incredible styling and fantastic quality e-cigs. There are already a few more brands that are coming soon to eCigs and we are sure that soon enough we will be able to get all the various brands of electronic cigarettes there.


eCigs is simply a must for any fan of electronic cigarettes. It is the perfect website where you can not only order all the leading brands at prices that are virtually the same as on official websites, but also check out their prices in comparison as well as find out how these various brands compare to each other in other areas as well.