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VaporFi, formerly VaporZone, is an owned subsidiary of International Vapor Group, Inc.

The VaporFi brand is carried in stores and their website, VaporFi has years of experience under their belt and they happen to have a team of pioneers that bring an edge to the brand that their competitors do not. When it comes to electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers, VaporFi’s mission is to set itself apart from the rest…and they succeed!

VaporFi created 6 innovative lines of e-cigarette vaporizers: VaporFi Express™, VaporFi Air™, VaporFi Jet™, VaporFi Pro™, VaporFi Pulse™, and, last but not least, they are most enthusiastic about introducing this product to the electronic cigarette market, the VaporFi Rebel™. The Rebel is pretty much just as it says it is as it was made for true e-cig connoisseurs who desire the ultimate vaping experience. The Rebel is nothing short of a gift to the e-cig marketplace! It is created to provide more options than any other brand out there. YOU get to choose what type of cartomizer, tanks, flavors, battery sizes, etc you want. It also allows for the utmost control by specifically designing a way to capture your very own vapor production. It’s as if you’re in the factory creating the perfect device custom-made for you!  The Rebel was put together with only the best type of stainless steel. Though, VaporFi offers a 30-day warranty, you are not going to want to part with any one of their products.


Child safe is a key factor for VaporFi so you’ll find safety seals on the non-glitzy items. The labeling is more clinical than fancy because they merely have nothing to cover up. The glitz is evident in the product. VaporFi offers 6 different, fully efficient electronic cigarette starter kits. Each one is prepared in an environmental-friendly cardboard box tailored to its size and design. The packaging is similar to how your technological devices are packaged. Microfoam tray contains the battery or batteries and one cartomizer. Below that layer includes either 1 or 2 boxes with the charging equipment, replacement atomizer heads and instruction manual.


Allow VaporFi‘s VAPETENDER™  create your special e-liquid blend!!! Only American-Made e-liquid would VaporFi ever create and distribute! Their liquid base is comprised of “USP Grade Kosher” materials. They’re even Kosher! Their glycerin is brought from Malaysian palm so it is free of peanuts along with it being diacetyl-free. The take the following notion extremely seriously —  e-juice goes past the borders of food as this is designed to be inhaled into our bodies!  VaporFi offers a vast array of flavor options is not doing it a service…because they offer 30,000 different flavor combinations!!! NOW THAT IS A VARIETY!!! The power of flavor and nicotine level is left in your hands. Select one, two or three flavors, or make it double shots, to concoct your very own vaping experience. There are 6 nicotine concentrations to choose from ranging 0% to 3.6%. It is your right to choose from a high quality product.


Vapor Production is key and VaporFi has nailed it! Vaping is done with products that appear similarly to traditional cigarettes except you get nicotine at varying levels (even as low as zero), throat hit, vapor, flavor and battery life that is not only remarkable but also ever-lasting. VaporFi allows YOU to create your perfect puff!


VaporFi has 10 different battery types to choose from! 1)  The Pro 1000 mAh Variable Battery gives you control and intensity for a tailored vaping experience. 2) The VaporFi™ Pro Battery (650 mAh)
VaporZone™ Pro Battery (650 mAh) is more compact yet still high-powered! 3) VaporFi™ Pro Battery (1000 mAh) is turbo-charged making it one of the strongest out there. 4) VaporFi™ Rocket Variable Battery is named as such due to its power and nobility of a rocket! 5) VaporFi™ Air Battery may be on the smaller side, but still does the job more the sufficiently, and due to its size – fit it in your pocket when you’re on the go. 6) VaporFi™ Jet Battery rides as fast and strong as jet engine and offers a bunch of great features. 7) VaporFi™ Pulse Battery (650 mAh) has a digital display!!! This displays allows you to see your puff count and battery power — you have the ultimate control, you never have to question when you need to recharge. 8) VaporFi™ Rebel High-Capacity, as previously mentioned (BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME!) offers optimum power, control and efficiency. 9) VaporFi™ Rebel Standard-Capacity Battery is quite similar to the Rebel, little power engines, except a bit slighter. AND 10)
VaporFi™ High-Capacity 30A 2100mah Battery also gives an abundance of power making this VOX 50 battery a top performer!

You really can’t go wrong with any of these battery options. They seem to give a full day, at minimum, of use before  recharging. Although, the Express Kit offers no more than 280mAh, it still includes two batteries. This way, you simply charge while the other’s in use. With frequent use — batteries, atomizers, and cartridges will degrade so expect to replace parts and add this to your e-cig budget as this is an average expense when using any electronic cigarette — aside from disposables, of course, which need to be replaced more often.

Batteries that give off the highest draining components come with a microprocessor capable of the highest level of voltage and power.



Customer support is offered by phone hotline Monday – Friday as well as email. Online chat doesn’t seem to be an option, however, seemingly very attentive to each and every one of their customers. Loyalty is important to VaporFi and they treat their customers as such.

Incentives are offered to ALL VaporFi customers! You are automatically enrolled in the Vapor Rewards Zone program once you become a VaporFi customer. Spend 1 dollar and then you earn 1 point. When you earn 200 points, you will receive a $20 credit towards any VaporFi product.

They not only want their products to go a long way, but also your penny book!

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