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Vapor4Life is based in Illinois and is one of the top technological leaders in the vaping industry.

Vapor4Life has been producing a better alternative to tobacco for over 5-years. After much research and testing, V4L is now launching its new retail brand, WOW VAPOR®, in early 2015. This brand will bring the most advanced vapor delivery system to retail market. These will also contain a zero-nicotine option, a primary mission from the V4L family is to provide a safer version to traditional smoking.

Crisp styled packaging

The starter kits bring on a smart appearance. First, The Vapor Titan Starter Kit brand itself with Vapor Titan logo and backed in clean white, green and blue tones — giving it a clean sense of itself. The box opens and closes with magnetic buttons, sporting a soft-lined interior. The e-cig screws directly into the wall charger, as opposed to a USB adapter. The charger appears benign while some other brands bling up their packaging only to cover up some flaws. V4L now sells a cool, new carrying case!

The Vapor4Life Vapor Titan Starter Kit comes complete with a modern design as the exterior of the batteries is coated with a soft rubber, which makes it welcoming to the touch. These are offered in a wide-range of styles. The tip is a plastic faux-diamond, which some people are big fans of. They offer an option that doesn’t light up when you inhale, the Stealth tip. Vapor4Life vape kits are specifically made to be user-friendly enough for the first timer while  strong enough for seasoned veterans.

You get to choose from plenty of different smileomizers and they do just what it says it does — brings a smile to your face. This is the mouthpiece for your vaporizer with has a soft tip that makes it easy to hold in your mouth. The Smileomizer was built with pristine stainless steel and surgical grade silicon. It has a vertical coil that produces clouds of vapor. The small Smileomizer holds 3.5ml of e-liquid and the large holds 6ml. It can be refilled 12 or more times and is recyclable. GO GREEN!

Vast variety of flavors

Many brands try very hard to create a line of diversified flavors as well as varying levels of nicotine strength.  Vapor4Life’s Premium and Ultimate Vaping Kits both come with a bottle of e-liquid where you can choose from 12 flavors: Traditional Tobacco, Traditional Menthol, Peppermint, Coffee, CinnaBlaze, Grape, Blueberry, Watermelon, Vanilla, Waffle, Kiwi Apple Strawberry, or Red Energy. These flavors are available in:
7 nicotine strengths — ranging from 0 to 36mg of nicotine: Smooth (WOW) flavors; Bold (Premium) flavors; 30mL e Liquid bottles; 5-pack cartomizers.  All of V4L e-liquids and e-cig cartomizers are produced in the strictest of  manufacturing standards and their e-iquids include 4 harmless ingredients: Vapor producing agent; propylene glycol; Vapor producing agent vegetable glycerin; Food-grade flavoring; Nicotine as an optional ingredient. Compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes in which produce over 7,000 chemicals — yikes!!! That’s quite a comparison!


The masterminds behind Vapor4Life took this endeavor seriously. They were out to get the best vaping experience FOR THEMSELVES and they got it! From small drags to blowing vapor rings. Typically, the bigger the battery the better the vapor, and this rings true in V4L’s case. Generally, when you’re vaping you want your vaporizer to produce a lot of vapor to really get that most optimal smoking experience. The Vapor Zeus contains micro-processor technology that adjusts heat and power to more than 2,000 times per second. This maintains a nice, steady puff.

Battery power

Vapor4Life simplifies vaping with their diversified and varying options in battery power! While most of V4L’s competitors hit their limits at 4.2 volts, the Vapor Zeus batteries offer up to 5 volts of vaping power — no buttons or clicks. For those who yearn for more personalized options, they offer two more variations on the powerful Vapor Zeus. One is the Dual Mode model located right on the battery for ease access. This Dual Mode lets the user switch between automatic power to manual control. Then, there’s the Dial-A-Volt. Some may say that e-liquids taste better at different voltages, so the Dial-A-Volt lets the user go back and forth between 3.2v to 4.8v. Up to you!

Vapor Zeus battery comes in three sizes – small, medium and extra large. Depending on how much you vape determines which size you choose. Zeus is offered in its Standard, Premium and Ultimate Vaping Kits — also purchased separately.  The Small Vapor Zeus batteries work well for light vapers and, therefore, small Smileomizers fit small Vapor Zeus batteries.

Medium size batteries last about 12 hours and are perfect for people who are between light and heavy vapers.  Extra Large vaping batteries last roughly 20 hours before needing to be recharged. The Vapor Zeus battery is manufactured with the top of the line quality materials. You’ll save money by not having to constantly buy more batteries. Plug it in through the USB port with a charging cable connected to a power source or wall adapter or use a wall charger screwed onto the connector threading where the cartomizer attaches. The USB charging cable allows you to charge your battery while using it making it super convenient for those working in an office or driving…plug it straight into your computer or car battery port.

You can even pick out which color you’d like to see Vapor Zeus batteries by choosing from blue, black, cigar, green or magenta. You can mix and match the Smileomizer tip with your Vapor Zeus battery specific to your fashion sense.


Vapor4Life offers standard Customer Care, Monday through Friday at 10 hours a day and via 3 different emails — sales, press and customer support. No online chat offered.

They offer a 30 day, full money back guarantee. Hardware may be returned within 30 days for a refund or exchange assuming these items are in good condition. Shipping charges are not refunded. Make sure you have your Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA), otherwise returned to sender (bummer!). Refunds and exchanges can be conducted by filling out a support ticket and request an RMA number or by calling (844) VAPE-4-LIFE. There is also a 90 day warranty except for clearance items. You have 20 days to process the return or your account may be charged for the full cost. Last but not least, you’ll receive a 1-year warranty including Vapor Zeus and Dial-A-Volt batteries.

No refunds on e-liquid or any type of cartomizer including blank, pre-filled or tank cartomizers, smileomizers, tanks or EGO Mega Carts. Return shipping charges are your responsibility and, as typical to V4L, customers MUST provide their order number to make any claim.

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