What Are Vape Pens? All You Need to Know.

Vaping to Vape Pens to Vape Taste to Vape Waste…!

It really is no wonder that vaping is becoming the new and improved alternative to smoking. Electronic cigarettes differ from traditional cigarettes in that they do not contain carcinogens, such as arsenic and vinyl chloride, found in tobacco. The e-cigarette has been sold in the U.S. since 2007, though, the health effects are still uncertain, presumably much better than traditional smoking — as there are no traces of tobacco in the form of vaping, which is performed through an e-cigarette or vape pen. Vape mods are devices that also do the same, but you have components that have been MODified from recycled materials to create the perfect vaping mechanism!

This is a pretty big deal! How many of us know someone who knows someone who got gravely ill or worse, died, from some sort of direct or secondhand traditional cigarette smoke? Get this: there is no secondhand smoke associated with vaping. Then, why in the world isn’t everyone vaping for crying out loud or at least those who are having trouble kicking the harmful habit of traditional cigarette smoke?!?!?!

 What exactly is vaping?

Inhaling water vapor through a personal vaporizer or electronic cigarette. The battery heats the liquid when users draw on the device, which is then atomized into an inhalable vapor. There are even disposable electronic cigarettes. One of the disposable makers is White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes. They call it a Fling, and it’s the easiest way to enjoy a full vaping experience without the hassle of recharging or changing batteries plus you have the option to choose a variety of packages and flavors. White Cloud also offers automatic batteries for a more authentic experience. Automatic batteries make an e-cigarette ready to vape, right out of the box. Those who are new to vaping are typically ex-smokers looking for a better, easier alternative. It’s important for them to get their nicotine as easily, and as authentically, as possible. These are called, Cirrus batteries and only activate when inhaled, so energy is solely devoted to delivering vapor to the user. No wasted seconds, no wasted puffs, no wasted dollars…this sounds like a good bargain. They have a built-in switch that activates whenever you inhale, similar to smoking a traditional cigarette. On the other hand, manual batteries are button-operated which means you have to press and hold a small switch to activate them. A slight difference to the traditional smoking experience.

”Vaping” is by far the purest method of smoking and as a result it is the least harmful to your body between the two. This we’re definitely establishing. Taking away the nasty toxins and residue from being inhaled means less pollution to your lungs and minimizing the chance of becoming sick, or even making those around you sick.

They come in different designs but almost all of them are extremely small and portable, usually able to fit right into your pocket. These devices are so tiny making them highly discreet establishing them as the best portable vaporizer you can own. There is no odor even when the vapor is exhaled from the unit. Need I remind you of the odor that comes with exhaling cigarette smoke? This can even be smelled from yards away. Vape pens enable you to bring them with you almost anywhere you want, and they leave behind all of the harmful effects that are normally associated with the burning process of smoking. They produce pure vapor without having to inhale any of the other toxins. Vape pens can cost anywhere from $50 up to roughly $300. Most vape pens are designed to work specifically with dry herbs or exclusively with waxes and oil. However, there are some unique vapor pens that suggest to work with all three.

Many brands offer unique benefits — from disposable to rechargeable, and much more!

I mentioned White Cloud earlier who offers the disposable vapors. The NJOY is also pretty cool in that it offers a rechargeable product!!! An eco-friendly cigarette experience?! This is an environmentalists, who happens to enjoy the occasional cig, dream come true! This seems to me the “greener” option if that’s important to you. They also customize your order by offering two different amounts of nicotine to choose. NJOY will indeed satisfy the vape-curious to the vape-oisseur who happens to also be an advocate for the environment. All you need is: 1 Vape Pen,1 top-fill tank, 1 USB charger, and 1 wall charger. Last but not least, you’ll also need NJOY e-liquid, which can be used in ANY vape pen device. As far as recycling, for every 8 NJOY Kings you send back, they send you one FREE…they love keeping it green. As long as you’re 21 years of age, you can even attend a “Vape N Taste” (I made up that term!) at chosen 7-11’s this month. Check their website for details!

vapor4life.com offers plentiful introductory information for those interested in the world of vaping, or simply possibly picking up their first e-cigarette. One of the best parts about vapor4life is that they have fluid labeled “The Traditional Tobacco NObacco Juice.” You want the smoothest transition possible when moving from smoking to vaping. Most smokers take their first drag from an e-cig and never look back while others go back and forth between traditional cigarettes and e-cigs and then end up transitioning to vaping. It just depends on what works best for you. No pressure…that’s the point!

Some may want a little bling to their vaping.

If so, premium e-cigarettes make a crystal-tip battery in a variety of colors. They offer disposable e-cigarettes and rechargeable ones. And for those who like vaping from a tank or a mod but prefer a compact item, premium e-cigarette just introduced their CLEAROMIZERS. Most people like a carrying case for the cigarettes, if not in a pack, so why not one for their e-cigarettes? Premium has a variety of handsome and super cute cases. Premium seem to have a higher nicotine concentration in their eliquid than say NJOY, but you can always purchase the liquid through NJOY while buying your accessories through Premier, and vice versa if you so choose.

Nicotine strengths offered at varying amounts — YOU choose!

Premium, NJOY, White Cloud and vapor4life all offer different levels of nicotine strengths. So far, out of these four, vapor4life is the ONLY alternative that offers ZERO mg of nicotine. AWESOME for those who are completely off nicotine and simply wants to continue the act of smoking, sans the health risks and social stigma including (stained teeth, finger tips) appearance and odor (innocently left behind on clothes, hair and car). More good news points to the latest generation of e-cigarettes or vape pens are seemingly far less toxic compared to the first ones that came out a decade ago. Not to mention the lack of smoker’s cough when vaping is another indicator that we’re on the right path. Say goodbye to tobacco and hello to a cleaner, healthier alternative.

By the way, caffeine has a similar effect to nicotine. Decaf teas and coffees consists of lesser amounts, generally not completely obsolete, of caffeine and it significantly helps those fulfill their yearning for the taste and temperature, hence a placebo-causing peppiness (VROOM!) in which the caffeine and nicotine momentarily provide. Now you can get a cup of decaf while smoking your vape pen and all will be right in the world!

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