South Beach Smoke Review

You envision a colorful, full variety, modern, user-friendly product when it’s called South Beach Smoke…and that’s exactly what you get — AND MORE!

South Beach Smoke has been working vigorously on setting the bar high in the e-cig standards since 2010 and illuminating their way through the industry with its glowing orange crystal tip. In doing so, they’ve been featured in The New York Post; Mtv; OK Weekly and In Touch Magazine.

COOL Packaging

South Beach Smoke opts for a smart, finished and no-nonsense packaging style with its black bon and bright orange features. They sport the typical magnetic clasp. South Beach Smoke e-cigarette looks very much like a traditional tobacco cigarette in that it has the tan mouth piece with a white body. It’s a pure facade as the perfectly hidden sensor is at the silicone tip where you inhale while the flavor cartridge / atomizer lives in the tan part of that 1″ tip behind the sensor. Five starter kits are offered to get you off to a running start. The Microprocessor is just past that point where the white begins. The battery is inside the white of the e-cig. The orange crystal tip is the neatest part as it illuminates with every inhale letting you know you’re not in Kansas anymore. South Beach Smoke electronic vaporizer is a sleek, state of the art device and considered to be the next big thing to the e-cigarette. They, too, come in five starter kits with a variety of deep colors or pastels. The abundance of customization in the vaporizers are hidden treasures! Of course, childproof bottles are key and provided for all the babes on the loose.

Flavor Favorites

US-made ONLY cartridges, flavors and ingredients. Interestingly enough, South Beach Smoke joined forces with the other top e-cig industry leader, VaporFi, to come up with the best flavors from the highest grade ingredients providing optimal vapor. You should expect nothing but the most ferocious flavor, thorough and potent vapor production and sublime throat hits with South Beach Smoke! Knowing that South Beach Smoke and VaporFi are in cahoots, it’s not surprising that South Beach Smoke ALSO offers 30,000 different flavor combinations to suit ANYONE and EVERYONE’s fancy. Pick from any one of tobaccos, menthols, sweet desserts and tropical fruits. South Beach Smoke e-liquids are carefully made up of Kosher grade ingredients, top-rated glycerin, and brought from the Malaysian Palm to avoid ANY peanut allergies for their cautious customers. South Beach Smoke is also an FDA-registerd Laboratory as its registered with the FDA as a a tobacco manufacturer, but we all know there’s no traces of tobacco in these puppies. Their ingredient formulas are all registered with the FDA…because they’ve got nothing to hide.


South Beach Vapor is as smooth as the South Florida sand. Consistent vapor and cumulous cloud effect when taking a puff. It is probably suggested to take a few puffs in order to prep the automatic batteries. Just one will do the trick. You’ll find that the vapor is very similar to a tobacco cigarette! Get the most of your vaping experience with South Beach’s wide array of delectable flavors. Name a flavor and they have it OR you have the ability and control to create your very own concoction! Choose from tobacco, menthol, dessert, fruit…from peppermint bark or grandma’s apple pie to tobaccolicious or exotic cuban mojito!

Battery Power at its best!

The up to date lithium ion battery and charger system is what South Beach Smoke uses to operate their e-cigs and vaporizers. They can not be interchanged with other lithium ion batteries or chargers. They use 4.2 volts while most others come in at about 3.7, which is where the fantastic vapor production comes from, and it lasts for at least a full day. This is true to approximately 500 puffs. The High Capacity option may be a compact battery, but it is very eager to create the perfect vapor and it succeeds!

The Standard length battery is not as long-lasting, though all you need is your back-up ready to go for the evening…and you’ll be all set! This could give you roughly 300 to 400 puffs. The charger comes in a USB, no wire, form and offers a multicolored LED light to notify you of when it’s fully charged. The SuperMAX come styling with a wall-charger.


It’s hard to pass up the South Beach Smoke, and you’d be wise not to pass up this beauty. They take their 30-day money back guarantee very seriously. They also offer a Lifetime Warranty. Not many brands would offer that if they didn’t feel confident that they were providing top ingredients and materials for their customers.

Get $10 just for being added to their mailing list. Get 20% off cartridges and 10% e-liquid once becoming a member. The SoBe Rewards Program offers 1 point for every dollar spent. Earn 200 points by spending $200 and get $20!

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