EverSmoke Ecig Review

Full EverSmoke Ecig Review

The ever smart EverSmoke electronic cigarette is a modern-day, safe version to the previously popular, tobacco smokes. EverSmoke provides you with a hi-tech nicotine hit without the harmful tobacco additives.

The EverSmoke e-cigarette is the perfect avenue when seeking a cleaner, smarter, healthier, more economical alternative to traditional cigarettes.  It’s no surprise that the traditional cigarette has decreased in popularity since the rapid increase of tobacco-causing health issues as well as their increase in price point, of course. They’re so eager to make their customers happy that they give $10 right off the bat just for subscribing to their emails! It doesn’t end there! Get another 20% off with your FIRST starter kit by immediately enrolling as a Member! They have 5 starter kits to choose from. This includes a “couples starter” at almost half off.  I have yet to see the “couples starter.” Your Starter Kit comes with everything you need to start enjoying your new smokeless cigarettes. Items differ depending on the kit, but a good example of your typical kit includes: 1 EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Lithium Ion Long Battery (Extra Capacity); 1 EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Lithium Ion Short Battery (Standard Capacity); 1 EverSmoke Charging Pack (holds 5 cartridges and keeps your batteries charged on-the-go); 1 Portable Wall Charger; 1 USB Charger (allows you to charge from any computer USB port); 1 Car Charging Adapter; 1 Carrying Case (Black); 15 Nicotine Cartridges – Equals 15 Packs of Cigarettes (your choice of flavor & strength); 1 Owner’s Manual. Their website goes on to explain how to set up and use your smokeless cigs.
EverSmoke is Florida-based and founded in 2010. EverSmoke is proud of its US-based assembly and testing. They are made by the same folks over at South Beach Smoke. The main difference between the EverSmoke and South Beach Smoke is their appearance. South Beach fancies the same look of the tobacco-like style cigarette while EverSmoke appears more new age and technical. EverSmoke is obviously the more modern-looking brand, with its orange, LED, crystal tip that eliminates with each puff. This special light also signals when your battery needs recharging. Sophisticated and practical. Some new e-cigarette smokers might be dissuaded by the unique look, but you’ll grow to assimilate to the different types of e-cigs and their appearances the more you frequently enjoy e-cigarettes. There are many parts that interchange among brands so as you learn what you like, you’ll soon be building a vaping device that is custom-made for you and quite possibly has a few different parts made by a number of different brands.

Packaging — Don’t judge a book (in this case, a box) by its cover

The EverSmoke Basic kit comes in a crisp white box — compact, magnetically closing box, like the majority of brands you’ll most likely encounter. It’s clean in its white color with the “o” logo and curls of lime green smoke formulating as the primary design on this no-nonsense box. You’ll find the batteries are resting in the felt-lined foam of the top layer with easy access for you to retrieve them from its package. The chargers, manual, cartridges and beneficial membership are also found in the underbelly of the package. The member card kindly reminds their customers that they are vaping, not smoking.

The batteries have the EverSmoke logo towards the top. This gives emphasis to the jet-set design. Ever Smoke has a silicon tip on their cartridges preventing leakage. This is commonplace almost all e-cigarettes, however, it’s rare you’d find this problem with EverSmoke’s cartridges.

Flavor — Choices go on forEVER, hence the name EVERsmoke

EverSmoke continues to keep itself in great company as their e-liquids are provided by VaporFi, another top brand in the e-cig industry. You can find a link on the EverSmoke website that leads you to VaporFi where you’ll find the hands-down best combination of e-flavors on the market to date!

Vapor — Clouds of glory

EverSmoke e-cigarette cartridges are developed with their exclusive VaporFlo™ technology. This establishes a flawless inhale which ultimately yields superlative vapor. VaporFlo™ is solely found with EverSmoke. The dense vapor and paramount throat hit ends up being the perfect storm of delight. EverSmoke accomplishes a clear-cut, healthier way to smoke while excluding the pain or dryness that is sometimes delivered when smoking traditional cigarettes. The cooler temperature will obviously and unapologetically give you an otherwise feeling in your throat without taking away from your vapor amount.

Battery — longest-lasting on the market

EverSmoke electronic cigarette batteries are the longer lasting lithium-polymer batteries on the market.  This battery is designed for utmost vapor and performance, and they’ve achieved their goals — and then some! They come in either manual or automatic and are also available in a variety of sizes and colors — black, white and stainless steel. The automatic batteries might need a some preliminary puffs before getting it to its full capacity.

An exclusive feature to EverSmoke is that its atomizer is built into the cartridge. This was a brilliant invention when thinking through the design in how it could maximize vapor and entrust that you get a fresh atomizer with each new EverSmoke electronic cigarette cartridge. Fully charge the batteries before using your EverSmoke e-cigarette by simply screwing the battery onto the USB Charger/Adapter. You may then plug that USB adapter into your computer’s USB port or plug it into the Portable Wall Charger that came with your starter kit. They provide a very thorough and easy-to-read owner’s manual, which is especially helpful when seeking effective charging directions. Generally, EverSmoke cartridges is similarly supplied to one pack of traditional cigarettes. This is pending on each person’s smoking behaviors and battery type.

Each electronic cigarette cartridge is filled with pure e-liquid consisting of your flavor of choice and at varying nicotine levels in which you get to choose.

Overall — We got a winner!

The EverSmoke e-cig is one of the best options you’ll find on the market! Customer care provides a (snail) mail address, phone #, and e-mail addresses in order to connect with assistance.

They offer their EverSmoke Home Delivery Members a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. This is yet one more reason why EverSmoke is among the most trusted brands on the e-cig market. If anything happens to your EverSmoke products while you are a standing current member, they don’t deviate from their word in that they will replace the item free of charge, aside from possible shipping/handling fees.

Above and beyond The Lifetime Replacement Warranty on all products, MEMBERS benefits include also include the following: 20% off of all cartridge refills; Special discounts and sales; Timely monthly deliveries and their commitment that you will receive your proper supply of cartridges at the convenience of your own home.

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