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Looking for an e-cig mod (also known as e-cigarette mod) or a vape mod or anything that has to do with mod-vaping (also known as gaping with modified components)? Vape mod is another term for Advanced Personal Vaporizor “APV.” You probably figured out that the word mod is short for modification. We’re onto a good start then! E-cigarette mods and vape mods are basically an alternative to the basic cigarette-looking e-cigarettes on the market.  There can also be mods for other parts of e-cigarette hardware, such as a cartomizer tank mod. The concept behind the vape mod and e-cig mod are all just simply rebuildable atomizers. People will always be modifying things, it’s still not very common or necessary given our advanced technology. While traditional devices are great at copying or duplicating cigarettes, they may be missing in performance.  By creating their own e-cigarettes, one might have their sights set on something more powerful, so the vape mod go-getters are able to use replaceable batteries that offer much better battery life and performance. E-cig and vape mods come in all shapes and sizes and offer a wide range in voltage, also known as power output.

The good news is, you no longer need to build your own e-cigarettes, vape pens or vape mods like many used to do in their garages.

There are now a huge number of companies manufacturing and selling e-cig and vape mods. Prices and styles range from inexpensively mass-produced, variable powered to unique handcrafted that can run much pricier, but worth it if you’re using them enough. Vape mods or the traditional e-cigarette both function by using the same concept. Electronic cigarettes consist of three basic parts: a battery; a heating element and liquid. The bonus of an e-cigarette mod is that you can “add on” or replace different parts or elements of the device by purchasing through different brands. The vape mod user activates the device either by inhaling or pressing a button. When inhaled and therefore activated, the battery passes electric current through the heating element which very quickly heats. The liquid, known as e-liquid (electronic liquid), comes into contact with the heat causing vaporization. Vapor is then inhaled similar to a regular cigarette. The liquid used is either propylene glycol or glycerine which vaporize at lower temperatures than water. e-Liquid usually contains additional ingredients such as flavoring and nicotine. Most brands offer nicotine level options found in their flavorings. Few even offer ZERO mg of nicotine, one company in particular is

The reasons behind smoking an e-cigarette and/or a vape mod offer benefits to those looking for a healthier alternative to the typical tobacco smoke derived when smoking the traditional cigarette.

Also, this alternative is helpful to those looking to quit traditional smoking since the nicotine provided by the e-cigarette is offered at varying levels, which helps reduce nicotine cravings for many users.  Again, as the user becomes less and less dependent on the nicotine, they have control over how much nicotine they continue to intake. Eventually, zero amounts of nicotine might be included in the liquid. Now, tobacco and nicotine could be no longer in an e-cig, vape pen or any sort of vape mod if one so chooses while still going through the motions of “smoking” and never feeling like they’ve had to quit cold turkey…pretty cool! Some people quickly adapt to vaping while others may take longer to make the switch. There is a vast array of electronic mods, so this may be a factor in how one takes to the e-cig given their initial affection, or lack of, for the vape-mod or e-cig mod they’ve come in contact with since some devices simply do not perform very well.  A person might even give up if they haven’t had a pleasant experience with a less than par device.

It is typical for electronic cigarette users to switch over permanently from their use of traditional cigs.

Though, e-Cigarettes are meant to provide a lower-risk alternative to smoking it has reported that merchants are not allowed to advertise e-cigarettes as a device to quit smoking, but it sure seems like it would be a step in the right direction (so have at it…whatever works)!

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